Kankeshwar Temple: 6.5 Kms to the base

This is a popular place, famous for its cool climate and the old temple of Lord Shiva built in 1764. This beautiful and majestic temple is situated on a small hill near the village of Mapgaon. The hill is almost 1200 feet high with a stretch of about 5.5 kms and one has to climb approx 700 steps to reach the temple. The temple surroundings are extremely serene, peaceful and spiritual. Kanakeshwar is a place to feel the jungle & hills in silence. The view that it offers especially while climbing down is stunning. If you want to see the beauty of the Arabian Sea and the Khanderi Fort along with the hilly region, Kankeshwar is the place! Recommendation: To start early morning to witness amazing sunrise and enjoying the view without feeling hot in the later weather. Althoug if you are not early risers we suggest anytime of the day between November to February where the weather is in your favour.

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