Janjira Fort Dist: 65 Kms

This is an incredible fort built on 22 acre land by Shivaji Maharaj inside the sea and is a classic example of well planned & built monument. This great historical fort was used to keep an eye on the enemies who tried to enter through sea way and remained unconquered despite Dutch & English East India Company outbreaks. Comparatively fort is in a good condition though very old but still you find glimpse of the golden era of Shivaji Maharaj. It requires a boat ride of about 20 mins which costs about Rs 60 to 65 per person. If you pay approx Rs. 200 to the boatman, then he will act as a guide to the Fort which is strongly recommended to understand this fort in real sense. There is sweet water lake well inside the fort which is strange since it is surrounded by sea water from outside. Fort has third largest cannon in the country weighing about 15 tons and having a range of 6 Kms
The fort is best accessible during the HIGH TIDE.

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