Q: Will I get Non-Veg food here?
A: No, strictly not. Availability of wide range of vegetarian cuisines ranging from Jain, Gujrathi, Rajasthani, Maharashtrian, Punjabi and Chinese.
Q: Will DJ or loud music be allowed?
A: Loud music as long as it is within the permissible limits. DJ or Music systems from 10 pm to 7 am will not be allowed under any circumstances.
Q: Whether non A/C rooms are available?
A: Yes, non A/C rooms are also available
Q: What about electric supply in case of power failure or load shedding?
A: We do have full capacity silent generators to take care of failure in electricity.
Q: What is the size of swimming pool and what kind of safety/security or life guards for swimmers especially for small kids.
A: Our Swimming pool if of sufficient size for a group. Size of the pool is 15 Ft wide and 40 Ft long with a 4 Ft of uniform depth). Swimming in the pool is at your own risk, there will not be life guards or trained supervisors to prevent drowning or similar accidents. Entire responsibility of small children or kids lies with parents. We will not be responsible for their safety.
Q: Do you have a separate swimming pool for small kids?
A: No, we do not have a separate swimming pool for small children.
Q: What kind of outdoor games are provided for children?
A: We have Swings, Sea-Saw, Slide and Satellite climber apart from genuinely spacious lawn.
Q: What kind of indoor games are provided?
A: We have Table tennis, Foos ball, Carrom, Cards, Chess and Trampolin for small kids
Q: Will cricket, football and other outdoor games be allowed in the lawn?
A: There are various varieties of indoor and outdoor games available which can be availed. We do not allow playing of these games like Cricket & Football or any other games which cause damage as it would not only disturb the other guests but also cause damage to the property & lawn. e.g Badminton is allowed. Group dance on Lawn along with DJ or loud music is not allowed.
Q: I am travelling with a child. Will I get extra bedding if needed?
A: Yes, we would provide you with one extra bedding subject to tariff rules
Q: Do we get room service for Meals or Tea / Coffee?
A: No, unfortunately we are not able to provide you the same. We serve all unlimited meals or beverages in our dining hall at the respective time.
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